Trauma equates to a perception or reality that our life is in danger. To a child, with the equivalent of 25' giants fighting, shouting, shaking, abandoning and doing many things on a giant's scale, many things can feel traumatic. When trauma is not repaired immediately with a clear cessation of perceived threat, and particularly when it is repeated for extended periods of time, it can change the chemical make-up of our brain and the way our body develops, resulting in permanently stored stress and emotion, often known a PTSD or Complex PTSD.

Trauma has been around for a long time. However, the relative isolation of modern life and extreme individualism is recent, and may account for an explosion of mental/ emotional dis-ease. One in four American adults this year will have a marked chronic state of mental/emotional disease in some 

form this year. And those are just the ones intense enough to be "labeled."​

I am not a professional, but over forty years of struggle, observation, experimentation and often success at coping, I am an expert in my own symptoms and work-around's for the conditions of PTSD, loneliness, anxiety, shame, grief and terror. Too many of us have been left alone in this state with nowhere to talk about it or be fully understood. This site is a gift in hope it answers some of that void of acknowledgment for us all.

​Suggestions for participation:

1) Use any idea or resource that might work for you.
2) Share a supportive comment.
3) Share a story and/or resource for others to learn from.
4) Let in that you are not alone and that this is not "your problem." It is "our problem."

Why I created this site and how to use it.
  1. 1: Understanding Trauma
  2. 2: Understanding Trauma
  3. 3: Understanding Trauma
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  6. 6: PTSD
  7. 7: PTSD and Relationships
  8. 8: The Benefit of PTSD
  9. 9: Lables, DSM Manual and Diagnosis
  10. 10: How PTSD has Helped me Do Things
  11. 11: PTSD Distinguishing Gifts from Limitatons
  12. 12: PTSD Understanding Relationship Abuse
  13. 13: Musings on PTSD
  14. 14: Frontiers of Kindness, Medicine and Science
  15. 15: How To Find Safe People To Be Around With Your PTSD
  16. 16: PTSD Resources on Audible
  17. 21: How Speed and Intensity Protect Us from Feelings of Helplessness
  18. 23: PTSD Language Useful in Describing PTSD
  19. 17: How Daily Life Feels like a War with PTSD
  20. 18: Why People with PTSD are Great Problem Solvers?
  21. 19: PTSD It's Cheaper To Heal And Pre-empt Than To Punish And Repair
  22. 20: A Story of Adaptation
  23. 24: PTSD The Crime of Abusing the Sick
  24. 25: PTSD Understanding the Mechanism of Emotional Disease
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